So… upon further review… I’ve fallen to the status quo and blog about as much as I renew the registration on my car. Along with the ridiculous amount of weddings Stephanie and I shot, buying/renovating a house, I also worked on a few creative projects. Check out some highlights.   “Authentic Women’s Conference Brochure” Surprisingly this […]

I met a guy yesterday who is another creative professional, a former freelancer who left his city because that market was saturated. He had a full-time job and steady work at guess where, a car dealership!   I have been hearing about different positions like this coming up and it is quite intriguing. Hiring a […]

I may be a little late to the party by blogging this, however no matter how many times I’ve viewed this video it still resonates with me. Many lines and thoughts have stuck with me, but amongst the top is this line Bono says at 3:35. “I hadn’t really thought of Jeremiah as a performance […]

“I listened to this podcast about…..” This is a predicate that I have started so many sentences with that, when it happens, I can audibly hear Stephanie’s eyes roll. I enjoy podcasting! To my delight, they are quickly becoming an intensely popular entertainment medium. NYMag has called the trend a “Podcast Renaissance”. I think when you start […]

The days of the late Saturday night message prep for pastors is over. The trend these days is deliberate and thought out content weeks or months in advance. Instead of preachers going way over time by saying everything they want said on a subject or scripture, they have split up their thoughts over several different […]